BANKNOTES Collection

BANKNOTES Collection is a crypto NFT artist image & collection

BANKNOTES Collection
This is a unique collection of many banknotes from our real-world transformation into the new NFT and crypto world. Each banknote has a unique and valuable visual presentation plus is created in extra-large resolution. Because in the near future we will need extra-large resolution for gallery projection or street art advertising. This project scans manually each banknote on a special scanner with an incredible resolution of 24 000 dpi and then processes every detail on these banknotes, so thank everyone for supporting this blockchain art in cryptocurrencies.

I will provide the purchased banknotes to new owner in full resolution. Thank you so much for your support, that helps me to keep creating.
Jan ér. Novák

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If you would like any new banknote scanned and created,
or added to the, just drop me a line.
Sale is also possible with email, just contact me.

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