Vzduch Jan ér Novák / Artist & Photographer

I create exclusive limited artworks for collectors from all around the world. Each of which is certified, holographically sealed, signed...

Creator of Exclusive, Limited & Unique Artworks.
International Photography Awards 3rd - 2021 & 2023


I specialize in creating unique and artistically exclusive pieces for collectors worldwide.

I guide my artistic works primarily in two directions - "Brush lines" and "In my Mind". The former represents a sophisticated fusion of photography with delicate brush strokes, while the latter crafts captivating narratives through subtle ornaments. Both techniques are globally unique, I am a pioneer in this form of art.

Each artwork is certified, holographically sealed, and handmade, making it a truly exclusive piece of art. I frame using the highest quality museum glass, utilizing archival paper, matting, and pigment printing. Each print can be complemented with a minimalist design oak frame featuring my distinctive horn, crafted each time from exotic wood, including a stainless steel wall hanger.

My creations appreciate in value with each sold piece, and behind it all, there are intriguing stories and plans that add charm to my art. So, if you're seeking artwork with a soul, you're in the right place.

And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me for sales, exhibitions, testing for your company, etc. I'm here :).

Vzduch Jan ér Novák

Experience the magic of owning this art.
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